The About Page

This is the part where I am suppose to tell you why I am a photographer, what life defining moment propelled me to do what I do. In reality there was no one moment but many moments, small and almost insignificant that drew me in; at first slowly and then all at once, to photography.

My journey began with a simple point and shoot camera and some flowers. After my son was born I began to take thousands of photos of him, and my fur babies too. As the years progressed I found myself more and more involved with music and saw that many musicians, specifically those starting out did not have a lot of quality photos to share. In today’s social media age “image” is literally everything and I wanted to help provide these musicians I knew with quality photos on a budget they could afford.

I still take photos of musicians every chance I get, but have expanded into using my unique eye for shooting events, weddings, new engagements, newborns, families and even beloved pets.

Why am I a photographer? Because every moment matters no matter how small or big, it all deserves to captured and remembered.

Sheryl Meens



“Working with Sheryl was one of the most pleasant experiences I have encountered. She has so much personality and is an amazing photographer. She was incredibly good at putting me at ease for my first ever boudoir session. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a talented photographer. ” – Sandra Stone

“Amazing photographer. Easy to work with and great attention to detail. Amazing photos! Even got to photograph my newest addition at just 2 hours old” – Jenn MacDonald

“Great experience! Sheryl takes the time to get to know you before

your photos and is super fun and creative!

Thank you 💛💛💛” – Jennifer Turner-Wiggins